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Property Management System

What is a Property Management System (PMS)?

This is a software or system that helps facilitate the hotels administration tasks. It’s also referred to as a Hotel management system.

A hotel PMS automates and streamlines hotel operations which in turn helps hotel employees serve guests better and saves time from all the manual tasks previously required.

Types of Property Management Systems?

  • Cloud-based systems – This are hosted on the “cloud” no installation required or software downloads, easily accessible form multiple devices and anywhere in the world. Easy to manage and maintain and hotels save big on IT Costs.

  • On-premise systems – This are installed and hosted in the hotel servers. Also known as legacy systems. Licenses are required to operate or upload to any machines, this are renewed periodically based on agreements with the supplier. Require IT investment and can only be accessed on machines that have been granted access. 

At RevSol we focus on cloud based solutions as we believe they are the now and the future, hoteliers need the freedom to access and act on information from anywhere in they are, from multiple machines and at any given time. Freedom of information and access to it is what is required to enable the hotel teams easily make data driven decisions and on the spot.

Main Functionalities of a Property Management System

Property Management Systems of today have advanced to allow multiple work environments in a single software platform. A good PMS must have the below main functionalities;

  • Reservations – capability to accept, manage and control reservations via multiple sources.

  • Front-desk operations – capability to view, update, check in / out, and process payments for the guests.

  • House Keeping – capability to manage and update inventory status. This enables housekeepers update the status of their assigned rooms, also record and maintenance tasks and their status.

  • Reports and Analytics – capability to present the data keyed into the system in a way that is clear and easy for the users to understand. Reports are key for decision making and analyzing performance form the day to day efforts placed by the team.

  • Back-office Management – capability to handle and manage back office operations and administrative roles. This can be Employee management, Inventory analysis, Finance duties, Sales and marketing functions.

RevSol is pleased to announce our partnership with 5stelle* native cloud PMS, one of the most dynamic companies in the hotel tech business.

5stelle* is an all in one solution with PMS, channel manager and booking engine.

5stelle* means:

  • Always connected: Your reception is always under control. You can connect from anywhere with your smartphone.

  • No hidden costs: unlimited workstations and users, includes updates of the software add technical support.

  • No investments in expensive hardware.

  • More than 200 connections with external platforms such as self-check-in applications and kiosk, opening door systems, switchboards, reputation systems, revenue management systems, and many others.

  • 2000 clients in 15 countries

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Property Management System: Video
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