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Channel manager

What is a Channel Manager?

This is a technology solution that allows you connect & manage online distribution channels automatically from one point of access. It is a cloud based solution hence no software is required to be installed in your computer.

A channel manager centralizes the management of your rates and room inventory on one platform to all your online distribution channels. This means you can easily update rates across multiple channels from one point, open and close rooms for sale across multiple channels from one source as well.

A good channel manager will also offer a Booking Engine, this is a call to action button that is placed on your website and allows guests to book your hotel easily from your very own website.

Channel Management is the process and strategies used to manage the connected channels via your channel manager. This can be as simple as having different rate strategies between your online channels via your channel manager.

Why do I need a channel manager?

  • Helps eliminate manual errors when managing your online rates & inventory

  • Track performance, get performance statistics that will enable you make data driven decisions 

  • Eliminate logistical issues like overbookings and rate parity 

  • Enables guests to check availability and rates directly from your website with an integrated booking engine 

  • Update rates and inventory in one click from one platform

  • Removes the need to log in to each extranet of every online travel agent one by one.

  • Maximize sales & revenues – helps distribute automatically your inventory and rates to multiple channels increasing chances of conversion and revenues

  • Improve your brand recognition by providing unrestricted access to multiple booking channels around the globe. 

  • Multi user capability – each of your approved team members will have individual access and this means they will be all in the same page. 

  • Saves time, energy and costs – reduces the time spent accessing multiple systems for updates and reporting.

At RevSol we have ensured that we provide personalized solutions according to your hotel needs and we have different products to ensure all your needs and budget. 

RevSol has partnered with hotel distribution technology leader eRevMax to offer RateTiger as a preferred channel manager to its affiliated properties. The agreement makes RevSol the official provider of RateTiger in the region.

RateTiger, powered by LiveOS, provides rate shopping, channel management, booking engine and online distribution solutions to hotels worldwide. It offers 99.9% system uptime and is security certified under ISO, PCI and GDPR compliant.

eRevMax continues to expand its partner base through new integrations to offer hoteliers seamless connections across different systems including PMSs, CRSs, OTAs, Metasearch channels, GDS, Wholesalers and offline tour operators among others.

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