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All in One Suite - RevSol

All-in-one solutions

Also known as hotel bundled software, booking management software or hotel management systems, an all in one suite is composed,

  • simple Property Management system

  • Front desk system

  • integrated Booking Engine

  • integrated Channel Manager

  • Back of House solutions

For most mid-sized and small hotels investing in an all in one suite is the best way to go and does not need much investment or costs.

All in one suites are also cloud based and this means to no software installations required or new hardware upgrades. They are accessible from multiple devices and as an owner you are able to keep track and manage your property from anywhere and the comfort of your space.

Features of an All-in-One Solution

  • Booking calendar – simple, clean and easy to use. Helps you manage your check in’s/out’s, availability and guests. With group bookings capabilities.

  • Channel manager – integrated 2 way connection system, pushes real time rates and availability to online channels based on what is available on the system, also sends guests details to the booking calendar. Connects directly to, Expedia, and Agoda.

  • Online Booking Engine – Integrated with the booking calendar, allows guests to book commission free directly from your website. A booking engine allows you to have direct strategies that are more hotel specific on your own website.

  • Housekeeping – enables you to set room notes, mark and manage room status.

  • Reports and analytics – Get detailed reports analyzing performance from your various sources of business, sales statistic reports, room type contribution reports, financial reports and many more.

  • Accounting – Option allows you to quickly view the spend of your guests from different segments, create new customer profiles, track history of spend from customers and many more options

  • Employee management – With multiple user’s access, being able to keep track of each user’s performance is key via their input in the system.

RevSol’s all in one suite and ideal for small to medium hotels (Motels, Guesthouses, Apartments, Airbnb’s, Camp sites, Hostels) that want to update their software’s or require to acquire new software to manage their properties professionally.

At RevSol we have ensured that we provide personalized solutions according to your hotel needs and we have different products to ensure all your needs and budget.

Reach out and let us take you through the technology space and help you select the right system for your hotel.

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